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Epica - безвозмездно слушать песню - Trois Vierges Solo Version или скачать в mp3

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Добавлен: 2015-02-03

Песня называется: - Trois Vierges (Solo Version)

Автор: Epica

Время mp3: 04:42

Всего просмотров: 432

Оценка: 0


Другая музыка автора Epica

Текст произведения:

Memory, fading out
Its presence still lingers in my mind
Listen to your inner voice
There's no escape, there's no other choice

A foolish fate that came about
Death could not leave without
Don't try to scour your inane soul
It would be labour lost

Deep inside hides a lie
Where can we try to seek
A way so this will die

Innocence died when they took his mind
And they tried to leave him behind
Not even a cascade of tears will save you
And keep you away from harm

Concinnity of destiny
Is not what you wished it to be

Blinded by love
Between lust and hate
You scarred your fate
There's no time to waste

Ride for your own ruin
Odium became your opium

Please don't let me bleed for all eternity

Please leave me be in my own misery.


Trinity Blood EPICA 07 Trois Vierges (Solo Version) The Score~An Epic Journey~


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