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Interpol - безвозмездно слушать песню Just Pornography For M.E. или скачать в mp3

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Добавлен: 2014-10-27

Песня называется: Just Pornography (For M.E.)

Автор: Interpol

Время mp3: 04:09

Всего просмотров: 478

Оценка: 0


Другая музыка автора Interpol

Текст произведения:

I will tell you this

Will alone won't bluff your way through this
Remarkably a smile worth remembering
Too few of those wish they were closer

What are you thinking of?
A question that bears such tragedy
Because I can't explain the world's refrain
But it's happening
Shrug of shoulders from share-holders
With a terrible nervous grin
Shatterd dreams and sewn-up seams
This is now uncertainty unfolds

This world's a way
Of letting you feel you're smart and funny
But you emptied your wit's barrel
The corridor's getting narrow
And the drugs can't even get you out of bed

Your life's just pornography
Recited from bad scripts
You're in the dark searching for exit signs
When someone said it's beyond even me to change this


Cut City - just pornography(for M.E.)


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