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Depeche Mode - безвозмездно слушать песню Coming Back To You или скачать в mp3

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Добавлен: 2015-09-12

Песня называется: Coming Back To You

Автор: Depeche Mode

Время mp3: 03:34

Всего просмотров: 392

Оценка: 0


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Текст произведения:

Maybe I'm still hurting
I can't turn the other cheek
But you know that I still love you
It's just that I can't speak
I looked for you in everyone
They called me on that too
I lived alone but I was only
Coming back to you

They're shutting down the factory now
Just when all the bills are due
And the fields they're under lock and key
Though the rain and the sun come through
And springtime starts and then it stops
In the name of something new
And all the senses rise against
This coming back to you

And they're handing down my sentence now
And I know what I must do
Another mile of silence
While I'm coming back to you

There are many in your life
And many still to be
Since you are a shining light
There's many that you'll see
But I have to deal with envy
When you choose the precious few
Who've left their pride on the other side
Of coming back to you

Even in your arms
Know I'll never get it right
Even when you bend
To give me comfort in the night
And I've got to have your word on this
Or none of, it is true
And all I've said is just instead
Of coming back to you


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