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Добавлен: 2014-10-28

Песня называется: Summer Time

Автор: Beyonce feat. P.Diddy -

Время mp3: 03:39

Всего просмотров: 598

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Текст произведения:

(Feat. P Diddy)

[P. Diddy - talking]
There`s three things I like about the summertime
Drop tops, long hot nights and summer love
Hey yo, B
Tell `em what time it is
Let` s go

Out of all the guys that approached me
Walking up to me like they know me
You were the one that stayed aside
Waited a while and took your time
You don`t know how impressing
Your curiousity was to me
It was the fourth day of July
Looked in my eyes and saw that I

[Break - Beyonce]
I wanted more than just a man (man)
I needed a friend (I want a friend)
Someone I can talk to (oh)
Someone who`ll really listen (yeah)
When you touched my hand (yeah yeah)
The sun got brighter then (brighter then)
Trusting you I closed my eyes
And felt our love begin

[Chorus - Beyonce]
It was the summertime (when we fell in love)
It was the summertime (when heaven shined on us)
It was the summertime (baby there is nothing like the)
Summertime, summertime (ohh)

Now it`s been a year and we`re closer
Fall in love again when I hold ya
I know that God set you aside
For me and now you are my prize
Wanna grow old with ya
Fill a house with ya pictures
Have a son for you, a little girl for me
Together we`ll raise a family

[Break - Beyonce]
I wanted more then just a man
I needed a friend
You are my best friend (yeah)
Someone I could talk to
Someone who`ll really listen (yeah)
When you touched my hand (yeah)
The sun got brighter then (brighter then)
Trusting you I closed my eyes
and felt our love begin


[P. Diddy]
Yo let me holla at you for a sec
So what`s in gonna be, him or me? (yeah)
We can cruise the world for pearls
And bare boots for girls
Summertime in the linen, fresh fruit
Livin the life that`s forbidden for just you (let`s go)
No worries you ain`t gotta be stressed out
No hurries you ain`t gotta be rushed out
Sit back relax ma take your time
Now have a taste of the finest wine
Every minute that we have`s a blessing to me
And in your heart you`s a "Child of Destiny" (that`s right)
Them hot summers that we had especially
Love who you is girl, you bring out the best of me
And it`s like that, you know it`s like that (that`s right)
And that`s your plan, where`s your hand let me ice that
You my heart ain`t no chance you could fight that
The summertime, when you hot baby take that, take that

[Repeat Chorus]


Summertime Beyonce ft. P.Diddy


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